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Curb Masters specialize in concrete landscape bordering. Our extruded concrete landscape borders are both decorative and functional.

We have a wide variety of patterns and molds  to choose from, depending on you needs. For example, if you have a brick home or commercial building, we have forty colors to match your brick color and textured patterns to give you a matching dimensional tie-in between your home or commercial building, thus enhancing the neatness and beautification of your property.

In addition to the beautification feature, the installation of our product cuts down on maintenance and up keep by maintaining the mulch or pine needles with the confines of the curbing and keeps grass from growing in the planted areas.

Another attraction of our product is permanence. Not have to replace wood, metal or plastic borders saves money for the property owner and adds value to the property.

Our service is not designed to replace or disturb existing landscaping. We make what you have look better.


Mark Remington


Curb Masters provides superior quality and service, ensuring that every project meets our rigid standards. 

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